Being Thankful

So, this is my first blog post and it’s a little tough to start, but I’m pretty excited about the idea of blogging. Seems like everyone is blogging, but maybe that’s because it’s therapeutic to write down what’s going on in your head. Last year after my awesome husband shared a really cool TEDTalk, I started journaling. In the video Shawn Anchor talks about how journaling can actually increase your happiness, so I tried these things that he recommended doing for a month:

  • 3 Gratitudes
  • Journaling
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Random Acts of Kindness

Doesn’t sound like it would make a huge difference, but I’ve seen a big change in my attitude. I started a notebook and right before I got into bed, I’d write three things I was thankful for and my random act of kindness for the day and then I’d journal about something, trying to remain positive. I almost never had (or couldn’t remember) an act of kindness, but at least I was thinking of the concept! After awhile I noticed that I started to be thankful for little things, like the fan in our bedroom on a hot night or the sweet eyes of my pup or the sunshine on my skin. I think I was retraining my brain to focus more on the positives than the negatives; like, instead of complaining that it was a hot night, I’d appreciate the fan. It really does work!

We even started saying our three things we’re grateful for at the dinner table so our girls get to join in. Mira Moo is starting to get it and will say something about being grateful for dinner or the park or something that happened a year ago. But Baby Audrey doesn’t quite know what to say yet and just looks at us with a piece of rice hanging off her chin. I guess I’m thankful that she’s eating the food instead of throwing it.

So I’m excited for this to be my new way of journaling. At this moment, I’m thankful for my skin-burning hot shower, the faces of my sleeping babies, and that it’s Halloween and I get to see my girls dress up as a penguin and Anna from Frozen. Happy Halloween everyone!


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