The last three days have been a little yucky. So far, I’ve cleaned up puke from my poor sleeping baby when she threw up in the middle of the night. Last night, I woke up at 2am to my other daughter, Mira, who had peed the bed. And then this evening Mira asked me to look over because there was “something weird” in the tub. And true to the theme of the last few day, it was weird: it was poop in the bath tub. Poop in the bath tub has only happened like two other times over a year ago. I thought we were past that pooping-in-the-tub stage. But I guess not. The funny thing is, I thought it was funny. I mean, this evening I didn’t even get annoyed or frustrated or anything, like I usually do if it’s the end of the day and I’m tired. I just laughed and made some jokes about how there’s been too much bodily fluid clean-up. Mira heard my muttering and chuckling and asked if I was crying. She must have thought I’d lost it. And it didn’t stop at the poop. While chasing down Audrey to put on her pajamas, she peed again…on my bed that didn’t have any sheets on it because I was washing them. Really?

Sometimes, I find it so easy to just laugh and go along with the gross. I’m sure others have had it much worse. Here are a few things running through my head right now:

1. I can’t believe I scooped poop out with a slotted spoon. At least it wasn’t my hand.

2. I’m so glad we have a washer and dryer in the house. And I’m thankful for soap and slotted spoons.

3. I forgot to add that I’ve been cleaning yellow snotty noses too. Or if I don’t catch the snotty noses in time, they are wiped on my shirt. It’s been happening so frequently that I think to myself, “Maybe I shouldn’t wear that black shirt because it’ll show snot more than that white one.” That’s scary.

Okay, I think that’s enough talk of bodily fluids. Hope everyone else is having a less yucky time.


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