Preserving Memories for our Girls: Virtual Scrapbook


I sent this picture to Mira about three years ago with the caption, “About to go for a hike!”

Right around the time our first baby girl was born, my awesome husband set-up an email account for her. I’m not sure exactly where he got the idea from, but I remember thinking it was a great idea. In my mind, it became her virtual scrapbook. (I’m not very good at scrapbooking anyways….my stuff just doesn’t turn out pretty like on Pinterest.) And when our second baby girl was born, we created an email account for her too.

So we’ve been emailing our daughters since they were born. Most of the emails are just picture attachments and a few words (I’m sure parents feel like they have a lot less time when they’re tending to the needs of a baby and/or other kiddos). So I would snap a picture of whatever funny or cute or important event was going on and then I’d email it to them with a brief description in the title. Often, I’d copy my parents and in-laws and Devin, if he was working. It was a great way to feel connected with everyone, especially when people responded to both myself and the girls.  And just last night, I took some time when the girls were asleep to write a longer, heart-felt musing on how they’re developing and how thankful I am for my everyday blessings. Hopefully, when the girls are older and read their emails, they’ll laugh at the pictures and get a sense of their childhood the way that a scrapbook might convey. And maybe they’ll even get to enjoy some of their grandparents’ or dad’s responses too!

So here’s how to start a virtual scrapbook (aka email account for your kiddos)l:

  1. Choose an email name. We chose:
  2. Add your email address as the secondary for password resetting purposes.
  3. Email your family and friends with your kiddo’s email address so they can email too.
  4. Email whenever you remember and you can try to remind family too because this only works well if people actually email! (I try to remember the email doesn’t have to be long. It can be just a quick, “I love you!”)

I don’t ever check the email account. Sometimes, if my husband says he emailed, I’m tempted to log in and read it, but I never do because it’s for my girls and maybe someday they’ll share their virtual scrapbook with me too 🙂


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