When an Exhausted Mama Needs Help!

Things are starting to get a lot less intense around here since the girls are now two and four. They’re playing on their own and working on resolving conflicts and identifying their big emotions. It’s like a breath of fresh air getting past the baby stage. I feel like a wimp that two babies kicked my butt so much, especially when I have so many family and friends with more kids! But we all handle sleep deprivation differently, and those who know me well, know I need sleep to function well. However, it wasn’t too long ago that I was in zombie-mode and felt constantly tired from lack of sleep. I was an exhausted mama who needed help! During that time, one thing that really helped me was a book called Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches by Rachel Jankovic. I know it seems like there’s not enough time to read a book while dealing with babies, toddlers, older children, housework, regular work, etc., BUT it’s a short book and so worth the time. I read it again last night (about two hours of reading). This is probably the fifth time I’ve read it (and I even blogged about it a few months ago).

The first time I read it, Audrey was five months and Mira had just turned two years old. I was feeling pretty beat down and exhausted and frustrated! My husband had bought me a Kindle for Mother’s Day, and at the time I didn’t realize what a great gift it was. I ended up loving that Kindle so much and it became my tool to become a better mom because I read books on parenting while I was nursing Audrey or lying on the floor next to Mira’s bed when she couldn’t fall asleep. The beauty of the Kindle was that it was quiet (I wasn’t flipping pages), it had a dimmable light so I could read in the dark, it was easy to maneuver while holding a baby or toddler or both, it has a long battery life, AND I wasn’t reading from my phone (where I might be tempted to stop reading the book and get lost in the world of Facebook).

Shortly after Devin bought me the Kindle, I started frantically searching for a book that would help with my grumpiness. That’s when I found Jankovic’s book. And I read it and laughed out loud and cried and felt relief that parenting is hard but there’s also a way to do it without being a grump-o-saurus all the time!

So if you’re an exhausted mama with littles and you’re feeling like you are going nuts, try this:

  1. Get yourself a Kindle (for cheaper options: check Craigslist or ask someone to get one for you or just download it to your phone or check one out from the library!)
  2. Read Jankovic’s book

Hope this book can help another tired mama because no one wants to be a grump-o-saurus all day long!


3 thoughts on “When an Exhausted Mama Needs Help!

  1. While I may have four kids now, I want you to know that having TWO kids did me in so bad that I got myself an IUD (intra uterine birth control device) inserted when #2 was 2 months old and kept it in until he was about 3. I was terrified of having more children! Yes! You are getting close to turning a corner. You might even get to sit on the bench at the park.
    That sounds like a good book. I should read it!


  2. April, I feel like we should be best friends 😉 When #2 was two months old, I did the same thing! Except I thought I was turning into more of a nutcase because of the IUD hormones (and there was another issue with the IUD too), so after a month, I got it removed. And then I was totally freaked out about another accidental pregnancy and having three under three (or getting pregnant with twins or whatever crazy thing that was going through my hormonal, exhausted head), so my husband got a vasectomy. Kinda extreme…but we were 32 and though it’d be a while before another kid, so two kids ended up being great for us. While I don’t regret the decision, if he hadn’t have gotten that vasectomy, I bet we’d be on kid number three now that things are a little easier. Check out the book. It’s funny and still relevant for raising older kiddos too. Thanks for reading my post 🙂


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