Sister Power


There is something so precious about seeing my girls be kind to one another. Since Audrey arrived on the scene two years ago, we’ve been encouraging teamwork with the girls. We remind them to talk kindly to one another and turn to each other for minor things, like finding a missing shoe or holding the door. Lately, this has taken the form of “sister power.” Here’s how it looks: either Devin or the girls start teasing one another and this leads to tackling, tickling, full Nelson wrestling holds, and whatever else that results in lots and lots of laughing. When one sister is pinned or stuck in a Full Nelson, she’ll call on her sister to help and the sister will come to the rescue while Daddy agonizingly shouts, “Oh, no! Not the sister power!” And the teasing and laughing continues until someone cures the Daddy monster by giving him a hug (that’s the magic off button) and then Daddy replies with, “What haaaaaaaaappend?!” To which the girls will reply, “You were being a monster and then we hugged you!!!” And everyone is happy because the girls got to play and cure Daddy and Daddy got a hug from his girls.

Sister power and hugging it out works every time. The girls love the predictability that comes with knowing that sister power gets them out of trouble. They end up feeling so victorious that they could stop the Daddy monster. And I absolutely love watching this unfold: the smiles and giggles and laughing when they escape is too funny. I love the dramatic expressions on my husband’s face. I love the hug that turns everyone back to normal. My heart is so full of our blessed life. God is so good. I just pray that my girls will continue to respect and help one another because they are sisters and they will spend a lot of time together. They are learning to build loving relationships, and I hope the way they treat each other will positively affect the way they treat others. And as they grow up, I hope they might think of “sister power” to help others who might need a little rescuing.


4 thoughts on “Sister Power

  1. I have witnessed this “sister power, first hand and it is comical (Devin) and wonderful to watch. But more important is seeing the look of success and being proud on the faces of the girls,that they cured the monster by “sister power” and got their Daddy back.


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