Slowing Down

Do you ever feel like you’re rushing for no reason? That’s me. I just found this out today. Why didn’t I notice it sooner? For so many years, I’ve focused on trying to get things done in the shortest amount of time possible and now it’s a bad habit in myself. I rushed while working and going to grad school.  I rushed while taking care of a baby and toddler because I was trying to stop all the fussing (sadly though, I think rushing made things more stressful sometimes). But things are slowing down and I’m still on high speed! Sure it’s good to be efficient, but I find myself in a rush to do things: I clean the house fast, rush the kiddos through an activity, and type super fast (even right now, like I’m worried that I’ll forget my train of thought!). What is going on??

Here’s a great example: today, I was using a screwdriver (actually, it was a utility tool with a funky screw driver so it was awkward and hard to use) and Audrey, my two-year-old, comes over wanting to help. I let her help a bit, but I also rushed her along and took over. Why? I wasn’t in a hurry. This wasn’t an emergency fix-it situation. It was a perfect time to let her explore and try and ask questions, but I hurried her along, thinking of the carpets I was going to vacuum next. Whoa. When did things that are not stressful become stressful. Slow down, Mama. I stay at home with the girls. And I’m so blessed to be able to do that. We have time. Lots and lots of time. Why do they need to be rushed? Why do I need to feel rushed? It just results in stress.

I read a blog tonight about Montessori learning activities. I don’t know a lot about Montessori, but I realized that I could be doing Montessori-type activities by just letting encouraging the girls to help and be involved in whatever I’m doing: using a screwdriver, making marshmallows, cleaning the windows (I actually encouraged the girls to try that one today), whatever. Sure there are times when they might not be able to help, but most of the time, life doesn’t need to be in hurry mode, right?

Anyone else sometimes get caught up in this rush, rush, rush mentality? Even when there’s nothing to rush about? I’m so thankful for this insight tonight while reading that blog. I think I’ll try this activity tomorrow 🙂 And I’ll encourage the girls to play with me instead of shooing them away like I have a schedule to keep. And I’ll just keeping asking for that grace to be more mindful. Lord, please help me be a slow mama tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Slowing Down

    • Lol, April! I’m like that with food too, like I’m training for food eating competitions. Love your quote “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”. So true. Fast for me just ends up clumsy and usually slower when I spill something.


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