Goodbye Alaska

20150427_211316Summertime is just gorgeous here: green, lush, and some days perfectly warm and sunny; otherwise, it’s overcast and rainy, which can also bring some of the most awesome cloud formations too. Plus, those overcast days seem to make the sunny days even more amazing. Like you can’t appreciate the sun till it’s gone, you know? Devin had it right when he said, “I’m in love with Alaska.”

Beautiful sunny day in Homer, AK

Once of those perfectly sunny days in Homer, AK

Chasing Butterflies

Chasing Butterflies


Dev riding Audrey’s balance bike


Nala loves exploring with us!

We’re moving back home to California, and it’s bittersweet to leave this place. It’s been a place of extremes with dark winters, sometimes making me feel like stuffing myself full of food and hibernating like a bear. But there was a beauty to the cold too: white snow, crisp air, being alone with nature. Thanks to Devin, we didn’t just opt for indoor activities during the winter. We took the kiddos in a “bike trailer sled” while we enjoyed Matanuska Glacier and it’s beauty. We hiked along icy trails using our yak tracks. We spent time exploring with our cross-country skis across a frozen lake in complete stillness except ourselves. The silence and looming mountains were powerful. Alaska has reminded me of how small we are and how great nature is. People here say this is God’s country, and I agree. Alaska has been the perfect place to reflect on the beauty of nature.

Dev took the wheels off the bike trailer and put it on a sled. Even though it was like 0 degrees, the girls were pretty warm inside.

Dev took the wheels off the bike trailer and put it on a sled. Even though it was like 0 degrees, the girls were pretty warm inside while we checked out Matanuska glacier.

Cross-country skiing across Portage Lake.

Cross-country skiing across Portage Lake while the girls are snuggled in sleeping bags in the sled.


Here’s Devin trying to hike an icy uphill trail without ice cleats…we only got about 50 feet.


A “warm” day at the end of winter. Probably like 30ish degrees out, but it felt warm!

Once we started getting more daylight, the feel changed and it’s like everyone woke from their hibernation. And now that the sun doesn’t go down till like midnight, it feels like two days instead of one. It’s crazy how the sunlight affects us! We’ve been spending lots of time outdoors with some wonderful neighbors that we’re going to really miss. We’ve been hanging so much with these lovely people and their children that it feels like we’ve known each other for longer than a year. And it feels the same way with our wonderful friends at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. Today, we spent our last day at church and it was hard to know that we’re probably not coming back. I guess that’s the blessing and curse of being adventurous: you meet some amazing people that you have to say goodbye to 😦


Eating ice cream with our buddy, Ry-guy

Raspberry picking with Sydney

Raspberry picking with Sydney


The neighbor girls and Kenzie 🙂

Eating ice cream with our buddy, Ry-guy

Climbing rocks together


Biking the trail

Alaska has been a crazy wonderful year of physical and spiritual growth for all of us.  We’re so thankful that we got to spend a year in such a beautiful place with such genuine people. Goodbye, Alaska. I hope we meet again!


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Alaska

  1. I feel guilty that I want you guys back in the “homeland’. I certainly see how you fell in love with Alaska from the fantastic people to the dramatic land itself but it’ll be exciting to see you here; at least until your next adventure.

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  2. Wonderful writing, as usual Sarah. I know you guys are going to miss it terribly! I agree it is bittersweet, as I know how much you and Devin love it there, but…. am so looking forward to being able to see you guys more. Love you.

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