Pure Sweetness


Often, when the girls are being super cute or thoughtful, we’ll say they are “pure sweetness.” I saw a whole lot of pure sweetness when we went to the park together. The girls were picking flowers in the field and giving bouquets to me. When Mira said, “I wish someone would give me flowers,” I realized that she always picks flowers for me, but I rarely pick flowers for her. So I went in search of some flowers for her too. And when I gave them to her she was ecstatic. And then Audrey gave her a bouquet, and she was thrilled. She kept professing her love for us both and giving us the best hugs. Pure sweetness.



And the other night at bedtime, I found myself struggling between trying to get the girls settled down and just embracing the sweetness they were sharing. As the girls, laid in bed together, they held hands. Mira said, “I’ll love you forever.” Audrey just giggled a bit. Then Mira said, “Let’s promise to love each other forever.” And Audrey replied, “Okay, foe-eva.” Then both girls started this funny sister language where they giggled and repeated words and held hands and squealed. It was pure sweetness. My heart held that moment for a minute and I prayed that God would encourage their relationship and help them “love each other forever.”

I know that they will not always depend on each other or enjoy one another. Just minutes after their giggle-fest, an argument started. But I hope that they can always turn to each other and feel that love because I know the beauty of having grown siblings who are all there for me when I turn and reach for their hand. My brothers and sister who cry with me and laugh with me and hug me. And my two beautiful, amazing sisters-in-law that I’m so thankful for. I know that my brothers and sisters would do anything for us…even house all four of us (plus our dog) for months (which is what my bro and sis are doing right now!). What a sweet closeness we all share and I’m so incredibly thankful for it. 

And despite busy lives or distance or whatever, I take comfort in knowing that I can call any of them at any time for anything and know that they’ll be there. We all love each other, and I pray the girls will share that same experience I’ve had because it’s a beautiful thing to share sibling love.


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