Community Service Events = Low-Cost Fun!

Does anyone else get excited when the community service events guide comes out?! Wherever I’ve lived, I always get excited to check out the new haps around town: Halloween dog parade, ballroom dancing, letters to Santa, summer camps, swimming hours, ice skating lessons! I love to look through it and circle all the stuff we want to try!

The Vacaville Community Service Department does an awesome job with their Events Guide. (Check them out on Facebook too!) There are so many activities that it’s sometimes hard to choose.

Since August, we’ve participated in: gymnastics, Princess Diva Dance Class, and soccer.



Princess Diva Dance Recital! So cute!!

Princess Diva Dance Recital! So cute!!

In the past, we’ve also loved:

  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Pups in the Pool
  • Swim lessons
  • Music lessons
  • Mommy and Me playtime
  • Creekwalk concerts

And the best part is that it’s usually quite a bit cheaper than specialty programs (community services gymnastics is $10/class and Aerial’s gymnastics center is $16/class. We’ve tried gymnastics at both and the coaching quality has been pretty even.) Another cool offering is the PAL programs where kids’ activities are low-cost (and only $15 membership fee for certain households). PAL has all kinds of cool stuff: field trips, boxing, judo leadership council classes, movies, study buddies, etc. The neighbor kids did Judo and loved it! Hope you get to support your community services department and have some low-priced fun too!


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