Happy Birthday, Audrey Bear!


Tomorrow, Baby Audrey turns three and is no longer a baby at all! The name of this blog, Whole Life Hike, was actually inspired by my labor with Audrey, so in honor of her birthday (and in case she ever gets to read this), I’d like to share the story of Audrey 🙂


Baby Audrey


Welcoming Audrey Home!


Dev and Mira hiking our hills 🙂

Our little bear was due Christmas Day, but she came two days after. And each day before she arrived, we’d sit under our lovely Christmas tree to read The Spirit of Christmas. The beautiful story, my husband’s soothing voice, and my sweet toddler teetering on my lap next to my gigantic belly brought tears as I waited joyously for my sweet girl to arrive. After a few days of the stomach flu for both myself and Devin, my water broke and we drove to the hospital. As soon as I got there, I felt some pretty strong contractions that would radiate down my thighs. It slightly reminded me of hiking the hills behind our house. So each time I felt a contraction, I pictured walking up those steep hills with Devin carrying Mira on his shoulders. Even our dog Nala was there, chasing rabbits and sprinting like crazy. That vision was so real and became my anchor through the labor. Each time the contractions came, I pictured us climbing a bit higher to the top of that hill to meet our new baby girl. And after four short hours in the hospital (and a surprisingly fast ten minutes of pushing), our 9lb. 8oz. 21 inch baby was in our arms. Her feet were too big to fit on the certificate and the nurses marvelled at the size of her head. I was in awe. With Mira, things felt different. This time around it was a different kind of beautiful and I was so grateful.

Life with Audrey has been like a really intense workout: a lot of hard work and tears but also some major excitement, adrenaline rushes, and satisfaction when you see gains. This kid has pushed us all to grow in ways we hadn’t expected, but we’ve also fallen hard core in love with this hilarious, fierce-loving, loyal, teasing, cuddle monster. What a gift she has been! 



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