Learning a Little Bit of Patience


We finally found out that we’re moving back to Alaska for another year! We’re excited (and relieved to finally know where we’re going to be living!). These past four months since we moved back from Alaska have been such a blessing (and sometimes in surprising ways…like actually enjoying sleeping in one queen size bed dog-pile-style with all four of us!). We left with the goal of being patient because we didn’t know where we’d end up (either back in AK or somewhere in Northern CA). And when we got “home”, it wasn’t exactly the home we left: we sold our house while we were still in AK because the timeline just ended up that way. And while I was pretty sad about not saying goodbye to our house, Dev reminded me that we sold the house not our memories: decorating our first real, gigantic Christmas tree, raising our crazy energetic Nala dog, countless nights taking care of our newborn babies, turning our backyard into a three-ring circus complete with slackline, rings, and a balance board, hanging out with some awesome neighbors, hiking the hills behind our house.

Our “home” since we got back has been a bedroom in my amazingly patient and gracious brother and sister-in-law’s house. These past four months have been such a special time with them, and it’s amazing that this long stay has made our relationship grow stronger (I’m guessing the average person would be much less kind housing an extra four people and a dog in their house)! But things have been pretty fluid here and we all love hanging out with Auntie and Uncle (especially the kids, like stalker status sometimes). 

And through this whole process of waiting to find out where we’re going to be, I think we’ve grown just a tiny bit more patient. We prayed for patience, and God answered that prayer by helping us appreciate our everyday blessings and by keeping our world in perspective: we get to cuddle in one bed together (rather than viewing it as a burden to sleep together), we get to spend time with family (rather than feeling anxious about not having our own home), we get to focus on the day’s enjoyments (rather than worrying about where we’re going to be living). There have been plenty of times where I felt impatient, but when I focused on all our blessings, I feel so filled. Attitude is truly everything. 



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