Our Little Baby isn’t a Baby Anymore!??!

IMG_20151023_152401 (1)

Wow, Mira is turning five. What a transition age. It feels like she’s moved into this big kid club where I catch her saying things like: “Hi, my name’s Mira and my mom is over there, so I’m okay” (introducing herself to a stranger and reassuring the person that she’s being supervised lol), “Audrey, uh, I don’t think that’s the best choice” (trying to help her sister avoid punishment), and “Ugh, not again??” (when she’s frustrated about something). It’s been so awesome to watch this little baby grow into a little kid. Every single day Devin and I comment on how long her legs are growing and how she’s learning so quickly. She is changing before our eyes and it is the greatest blessing that we have this slow, peaceful lifestyle to watch it happen.


It feels like a lifetime ago that Mira entered our lives! I guess that’s how parenting is: the days are long but the years fly by. What a true statement. But I can still remember her so clearly the day she was born. I was a week past my due date and I’d been having contractions for a few days. To pass the time, we walked the lovely hills behind our house and marveled at the rainy beautiful greenery while I paused to catch my breath after a contraction (the same hills that were in Audrey’s birth story). Though I tried to stay calm, I anxiously awaited this child I had been thinking about almost my entire life. After a slow, almost 24-hour labor, I finally had Mira in my arms. And she was perfectly ours! We were in love immediately…and exhausted immediately! I remember asking my Dad if babies were supposed to cry so much! But we are getting into a rhythm (and are currently less exhausted but not back to pre-parent status) and have discovered that parenting is the most rewarding thing ever (that’s probably because it’s the most difficult thing ever). And now, we have this beautiful, independent, tenacious, cuddle-loving, book-reading, empathetic, Jesus-loving daughter who I call my sweet, sweet girl. Happy birthday, Mira Moo!


4 thoughts on “Our Little Baby isn’t a Baby Anymore!??!

  1. Great one Sarah. Mira is who she is because you and Devin are such great parents.Give her kisses and hugs from us.let us know what time might be good for a video chat tomorrow.

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