Remembering Those Who Shaped Us


Last year, our family lost my Pops and Grandma. Pops was such a charismatic and loving man who welcomed everyone into his family, and Grandma was such a giving spirit who loved cooking and baking for everyone. Loss is hard. And it has been a tough transition for our family for many reasons, one of which is that the centerpiece of the family is now gone. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter were all celebrated at their house and that’s when our big family would come together and visit. Without Pops and Grandma, that unifying piece of our family is no longer there.

In reflecting on what giving, beautiful people they were, I realized that the centerpiece of the family didn’t have to be gone (and neither did the family gatherings). In fact, we could honor them by continuing that giving spirit….which led to The Milliam Memorial Fund. The Millam Memorial Fund is our way to honor the memories of Pops, Grandma, and Paul Millam. It’s also an opportunity to have a yearly gathering to eat, share memories, and choose organizations to award grants to.

20150912_155838Uncle Paul, Pops and Grandma’s son, was also a very special person in my life. He passed away in 1994 when he was only 36. Even though I was only 12 at that time, he had a profound influence on my life, taking me to Cirque du Soleil and the Nutcracker and rafting trips and hikes where I learned to appreciate the botanical beauty around his home. So the Millam Memorial Fund is a way to honor Uncle Paul too.


Because the Millam Memorial Fund is an endowment fund, it will continue on for many years, granting money to organizations that share Pops’ love of art, Grandma’s appreciation of education, and Uncle Paul’s passion for beauty. Click here to check out our webpage on Solano Community Foundation to learn more and donate.  And please check out our Facebook page here 🙂



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