Homeschool, Here We Come!

I’ve been prepping for our first year in homeschooling. It’s been pretty exciting and a little scary. I pray for guidance daily. Whenever I start to get anxious, I take a minute to ask Jesus for peace and wisdom. And it calms me. If you would’ve asked me (a previous English teacher of ten years) if I thought I’d homeschool my kids, I would’ve told you, “Nope!” But the last few years, things have changed, and here’s why we’re homeschooling (at least for kindergarten…who knows what will happen next year).

We started with a family mission statement as a way to keep us all on the same page. And I created a daily schedule and bought a few things from the Target $3 bin (like calendars, clock poster, a planner, etc.). Our goal is to keep it simple: reading and writing with lots of artwork and active play. There’s no rush. Since kindergarten is not compulsory in California, I won’t be keeping any records and plan on teaching about three hours a day, four days a weeks. Some days will be tough, some days will be fun. The goal is to work hard and have fun (sounds cliche, huh?).

Here’s our schedule (I’m guessing there will be lots of tweaking along the way, so I’ll be reassessing every 6 weeks):

  1. Beds, brush, dress, breakfast
  2. Reading lesson and bible verse
  3. Writing lesson and art
  4. Break: snack, playtime, i-Pad
  5. independent reading, family read aloud, or naptime 🙂
  6. Daily Activity
    1. Library once a week (history, literature, science, cooking, books on CD, everything we can find!)
    2. Other days: field trip, park/playdate/co-op, birthday/holiday fun, hike with Nala, farm/garden, ballet/play/circus, learn a life skill (tying shoe laces, cooking, etc.)
  7. Chores/Volunteer/Extracurricular
    1. Volunteer: Meals on wheels, neighborhood library, children’s lunchbox, habitat for humanity, adopt-a-trail litter pickup
    2. Extracurricular: AHG, gymnastics, ballet, swim, music, theater, sports, cheerleading (ONLY focusing on one at a time so we don’t over schedule ourselves)

Wish us luck! Maybe I’ll even convince Devin to agree to a class pet! 


2 thoughts on “Homeschool, Here We Come!

    • Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to the CA weather (it’s been raining for the past month here in Alaska!). Thanks for the tips too. We’ll be a lot closer to family (which means wonderful babysitters), but I’ll need to make a whole new group of friends…hopefully that goes well ❤


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