On the Road Again!

We’re moving back to California on September 13th! We’re sad to leave beautiful Alaska, but our family is homesick and ready to be back with all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Mira is especially ready to go, but I’m sure once we get there, she’ll miss our wonderful Alaska buddies here. Moving can be a tricky thing sometimes…




So we’re wrapping things up here. And that’s been a super easy process. My car sold last month within the first hour of posting it on Craigslist. At first I was feeling a little nervous about being without a car for what seemed like a loooong time, but I reminded myself that we can be flexible (here’s a post I wrote about voluntarily getting rid of my car as a way to save money…we’re weird!). Plus, we have our feet, the bus, awesome neighbors who offer us rides, and Devin still has his rental car. And we like to hang in our backyard with neighbor friends anyways (as long as it stops raining long enough to go outside!).

We still don’t know exactly where we’re going to live yet. My older brother calls us gypsies and that’s how I feel right now. I have been getting periodic waves of anxiety about finding a house and friends and a church and generally starting new in another place. But I’m trying to be patient like last year when we were in limbo because we weren’t sure where we’d be living either. I wonder if our girls are going to think it’s normal to not have a permanent residence! At least we’re all learning to be more patient through all this moving and we’re learning to live with less stuff (which also means less stress). Most importantly, though, I’m learning to trust that God is taking care of everything (because He truly is). So each time I feel anxious, I say a prayer asking for peace. And while we’re still in Alaska, I’m trying to open my eyes to all the awesomeness I have right in front of me and know that everything will work out. In the meantime, we’re going to enjoy Alaska and all the amazing people we’ve built relationships with.





4 thoughts on “On the Road Again!

  1. These photos! Wow! I sold my van right before I moved too, but I kept the money and bought another one once we arrived here—a very cheap, paid cash mini-van. Our families thought we were crazy too. Why does America just expect everyone to have big fat monthly car payment on two cars? I hope that your single car phase won’t have to last as long as you think it will. And of course, God will always provide for your family. Can’t wait to see more of the move. I’m excited for you.

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    • Thanks! Yeah, I agree that two car payments is crazy. We haven’t had a car payment for almost three years…it’s so freeing. Hopefully, I’ll get another car in a few weeks, but you are so right, God provides so much. We are so beyond blessed. And not having a car reminds me of that ❤


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