Merry Christmas!


Decorating the Christmas Tree (Nala pup was helping too!)

Merry Christmas! It’s been awhile since I blogged. In the meantime, we finally moved all our stuff out of storage and into our new home. Yay! It’s such a blessing to live close to Devin’s work (so close that we’re back to being a one-car family, with Devin bicycling to work).


Biking around our new neighborhood and saying hi to the cows!

It’s been nice to unpack. Two years ago we stored away our entire household and explored Alaska. It was an amazing experience, but it’s great to feel more settled and live much closer to our family and friends. Plus, the girls are loving all their “new” toys and clothes. 🙂

We moved just in time to celebrate Christmas in our new home.  Christmas is such an exciting time to celebrate now that the girls are a bit older. But once we unpacked and started decorating, I realized that our Christmas decorations were missing Christ at the center. The last few weeks, I’ve been struggling a bit on how to make our Christmas more about celebrating the birth of Christ than receiving presents from Santa Claus. After awhile, I realized that Christmas didn’t have to be an either/or for us. We could enjoy Santa while pointing the girls to the bible because the whole story of Christmas in the bible is about receiving Christ, the most lovely gift of all. So this year, we’re embracing this beautiful time of year by consciously keeping Christ at the center of our conversations about gifts and by working on being gracious, thankful receivers.

I hope that you all enjoy this beautiful time of year and the gift of Christmas!


Thanks, Santa!


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