I’m a stay-at-home mama with two little girls, ages 4 and 2, a highly energetic pup who lives life at 100 mph, and an amazingly supportive and fun husband. I love making meals with whole foods, trying out different DIY ideas, staying active outdoors, reading books, especially the bible, and finding ways to serve our community. Before having kiddos, I taught English at a few different high schools and a university in Kyrgyzstan.

Why Whole Life Hike? For the first few years of our girls’ lives, we lived in a house that backed up to hills. We loved to hike and spent a lot of time in those hills, including when I was starting labor with my first daughter.  But the dominant image for whole life hike came when I was pregnant with my second baby girl. When I’d have a contraction during labor, I pictured myself climbing a mountain. My husband Devin, my daughter Mira, and my pup were all climbing along with me. When my contractions radiated down my thighs, it really made the imagery more powerful because I could feel that burn from vertical climbing. And at the top that mountain was my baby girl. All I had to do was continue to climb and I’d be able to cradle her in my arms. And that is our metaphor for life. We’re on a whole life hike spiritually, physically, and mentally. And we just keep climbing and learning together, and try our best to be thankful in the process for all God’s blessings. This whole life hike is our path. And we thank God daily for the path He’s given us.


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